What is the point of having a Takeaway and Dine-In app for my Restaurant?
Awareness of your brand for starters. In the same way companies distribute fridge magnets, calendars and other memorabilia, which has served in the past both as advertisement and assistance. Converting Just Eat and Hungry House customers to use your app will strengthen your Restaurant's brand and create more loyal customers while adding to your bottom line (by paying no commission for orders). Plus increasing your Restaurant's asset value by way of a stored customer database.

But isn’t having a website enough?
Not anymore. With a mobile app, you can achieve results you simply cannot with just a website. First of all, the app, once downloaded, stays on the customer’s device, while a website doesn’t. Secondly, as long as the customer doesn’t log out of the app, they don’t need to enter their personal information each time they order or book a table. Our app design includes a re-order facility for the convenience of customers who tend to order the same food items.

What if I already have an online takeaway system?
You can replace that with our 'online' version. Works exactly the same as the app but on any computer. One line of code inserted into YOUR website will give you a fully functioning takeaway and table booking system. No mention of us (GetCurry). Now you can have your website and app using the same system!

What if I already have an app on the Apple and Google stores?
If you already have an app. Chances are:
1. It is inferior in quality to ours.
- Our apps are created using the latest authoring techniques.
2. It does not run on an Apple iPad.
- All our apps run on Apple iPads, iPods and all Android Tablets as well as Apple and Android Smart phones.
3. It does not provide sufficient notification nor printed receipts.
- All our apps notify the manager in 3 different ways and print receipts / orders from the supplied GetCurry Terminal in seconds.

If your Restaurant already has a presence on the Apple and Google Stores. You can ask your current app supplier to retire the app and will will then simply use the same name space. Alternatively, we can use a slightly different name at Apple and Google. You just point your links to the new app.

What devices will run the app created by GetCurry?
iPhones, iPads, iPods - app downloadable from the Apple (apps) Store.
Android Smart Phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy range) and Android Tablets  - app downloadable from Google Play.

How do I or the Restaurant Manager print orders / receipt?
As well as all the software we supply all the hardware. The manager will receive a Free Ultra-Modern GetCurry Terminal, depending on what membership package you pick. As orders come in, the terminal will ring (the manager will also receive a text and email notification) and then the manager simply taps the 'Print' button or 'Print and Confirm' with the customer, which sends a message to the customer as to the estimated time of delivery or pickup.

How do I get app and website sales into my EPOS system?
If your EPOS system has a 2D scanner. You can include QR codes to print out at the bottom of all receipts/orders and use these to scan sales data into your EPOS system. The data is basic, such as Order Number, Name of customer, Date, Type (delivery or pickup) and Amount. The data is coma ‘,’ separated. Alternatively, our system can export detailed Excel files which in most cases can be imported into EPOS.

How would I market my Restaurant’s app?
Spread the news using social media and tell your local community to download your app. Pin a message to takeaway bags or hand out cards at checkout. Local newspaper adverts or even advertising on the Apple Store and Google Play. Both platforms can advertise your app and target your local community. In any event, your Restaurant will save a considerable amount on Takeaway Menu printing costs!

How do we get customers to use our Restaurant app?
Loyalty Points, people love them! Customers get 100 Loyalty Points for their first order and 1 point for every pound they spend. Loyalty Points are only redeemable on the next order, so you can be sure customers will come back to use their points. 1 point is currently set at 2p.

Can we add a promotional message to the app?
Yes, several. Plus the first 'swipe' pages will be about your Restaurant. These can also be changed quickly without resubmitting the app to Apple and Google.

Will apps made by GetCurry contain a reference to GetCurry?
No. Apps will be branded to the Restaurant only. There will be no mention of GetCurry (or anybody else) anywhere in the app. Just the Restaurant it's made for. However, our powerfull email server will be sending notification emails from GetCurry.

Why is the cost of next years membership the same. When this year we get a Free GetCurry Terminal?
We intend to go to market with GetCurry.co.uk and promote all listed Restaurants collectively. Giving all Restaurants extra exposure will increace awareness and revenue for individual Restaurants. A bit like JustEat or HungryHouse  - but with ZERO commission.
Although we can do most of the digital production for online and TV campaigns ourselves in-house, there is still a cost involved for air time, Google and Apple advertising. A good proportion of next years membership will be funding these costs.
So, regardless of what the customer has used to place an order (your app, your website OR GetCurry.co.uk) - you pay ZERO commission and all Credit/Debit card payments go to your bank directly.

How do Restaurants get food orders?
Every order arrives in ALL of these:
1. GetCurry Terminal - The Restaurant Manager can with 'one-tap' print the order directly from the supplied Terminal, in seconds!
2. Admin Control Panel - all orders and table bookings also appear here. (Can print from here too).
3. Email 
4. SMS (text)

How do Restaurants get Table Bookings?
All Table Bookings appear on Terminal and in the Admin Control Panel and aslo by email. The Restaurant Manager, with just a few taps on the Terminal, either confirms or denies the booking and an email is sent to the customer as confirmation. The Manager then transfers the booking to the Reastaurant's main Table Booking book.

What is a Dine-In order?
Customers in a hurry or customers who know what they want can order food (and pay) in advance plus book a table at the same time. Great for less busy times at your Restaurant. If you have two different menus (takeaway and dine-in), why not make have a weekday and/or lunchtime promotion -  "Order in advance and Dine-in at takeaway prices" (chances are customers will buy additional drinks at the dine-in prices). Restaurants can switch Dine-In orders off and on at any time.

Can a Restaurant add or change pictures, categories, variables and prices themselves?
Yes at any time via the Admin Control Panel. Changes reflect in all downloaded apps and online menus immediately.

Is there a limit to the number of categories and food items that can be added?

Is there a turnover limit in terms of sales or orders?

What if my Restaurant has many food variables?
Our system is bespoke to the food ordering industry. It is not a e-commerse conversion. All combinations of food variables have been covered.

Will GetCurry Members ever need to pay a commission on Orders or Table Bookings?
No. Restaurants get 100% of sales (minus 1.4% on card payments if they use stripe.com as their payment gateway). Restaurants who deal only with cash transactions do not need a payment gateway and simply keep 100% of the cash.

Can Restaurants use Paypal to collect payments?
Yes but Paypal charge 4%. Any of these payment gateways can be added to collect payments (even Bitcoin):
Stripe (Charge 1.4%, no monthly fee)
Mollie (Bitcoin)

How do Restaurants get credit/debit card payments.
Members use their own payment gateway (e.g www.stripe.com) where payments go directly to the Restaurant's bank account. A payment gateway is easy to setup, don't be put off - we will help you!

Does the Restaurant have to pay for email confirmation of food orders?
No. All email communications are free.

Can a Restaurant use ‘Push Messages’ to confirm food orders or Table Bookings?
Yes. ‘Push Message’ are Free to send. However, users can switch ‘Push Messages’ off on their device. So an email is 'always' sent to customers together with a SMS (If the Restaurant is using SMSs).

Does the membership fee include all software updates?

Does the GetCurry system have any promotional features Restaurants can use?

1. Vouchers
Gift or Promotional Vouchers that customers can use on checkout.
They can be for a fixed amount or a percentage discount.
Simply enter a Voucher code and expiry date for your customers to use.
Vouchers can be set to ‘use once’ or remain active for all to use until expiry date, set by you.
No limit to the number of Vouchers.

2. Offers:
Offer a percentage discount for orders over a purchase amount (i.e 10% discount for COLLECTION orders over £25). Or 5% discount for DELIVERY orders over £35. No limit to the number of Offers. Even Monday to Thursday offers. You have complete control.

Can Restaurants contact all their customers in one go?
Yes, Members have a SMS (text) Broadcast Facility. Enter one message and sent to all customers. Restaurants can even text 'new' customers, by entering new mobile numbers in one go (separated by a coma) and sending one message to all. Sending a promotional text message if far more effective than email.

Can customers leave Reviews?
Yes. Restaurants can override or reply with a thank you message.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, unless a Restaurant uses our SMS notification and bulk broadcasting features which are just 6p each (we give you 50 Free for you to test).

How much is the GetCurry Terminal and the Driver apps?
Nothing. They are free to all our Members.

What does the Management app do.
It lists all orders and lets the Restaurant Manager decide if to accept incoming orders. If accepted, a message is sent to the customer with an estimated Delivery or Pick up time. Time adjustable by the Restaurant Manager. It handles Table Booking requests in the same way. The Restaurant Manager can also assign delivery drivers using this (Free) app. 

What does the Driver app do?
It picks up delivery orders and give GPS directions to the delivery address. Each driver gets their own app (FREE to GetCurry Members). Driver app allows Restaurant Manager (and the customer) to track deliveries in real time on a map. All data time stamped for later evaluation and efficency of drivers.

We have a lot of drivers. Do we get a way to manage our drivers?
Yes, Transport Managers get a Driver Admin Control Panel. All drivers will be shown on a map in real time with route taken. Drivers can be contacted by Push Message to do any number of tasks. This facility is also Free to GetCurry Members.

What if GetCurry go bust? How do we stand with our Restaurant app?
In this unlikely event. We will transfer the app to your new Apple and Google Developers. Both platforms have internal facilities to do so. The New Developers would take over and create an ‘update’ for customer to download with very little disruption to customers and the Restaurant’s mobile app ordering business.

Do you have any planned updates?
1. Customers will be able to share your Restaurant's app with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Whats app. (Done)
2. Customer Support Centre. Including live chat (with us to help your customers with your app) and FAQs. (Done, but not sure if it will be needed)
3. All improved interface with promotional messages. (Done)

How long will it take to get our app, including the updates?
7-14 days.

How can you afford to supply this service at such a low price?
Centralised and shared resources. Just one shared system which runs on dedicated and high-speed servers (with back-up). Resulting in fast and reliable uptime for app users, whilst giving each GetCurry Member access to their own control panel - as if it were their own.

Are you sure Restaurants get all the above, pay no commission and get all credit/debit card payments directly - for a yearly fixed fee?

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