Takeaway Menu for YOUR Website
Only YOUR restaurant listed on the GetCurry app

Only YOUR restaurant listed at

ALL Payments go to YOU
(Second/Third Years: £99)

Commission Free ONLINE and MOBILE (Apple and Android) sales for just £99 per year

Do your own Marketing on Facebook at £4 per 1,000 customers in your area (We will tell you how) or we can do it for you. Simply ask your local comminity to order takeaway using Your Website or the GetCurry app and pay ZERO COMMISSION

Facebook Post Examples:

Sign up and get:

Full e-commerce Takeaway Menu for YOUR website

Use as your Menu Page or complete Website

CLICK HERE for an example

GetCurry app with just YOUR Restaurant’s Menu

Only YOUR Restaurant will display!

Management app (to receive orders)

Print to any Thermal Printer

Admin Control Panel

Print orders to any Printer

Reduce telephone orders (and pay no commission) by telling customers to use YOUR website or the GetCurry app.

Unlimited Orders. All cash, card and PayPal payments go DIRECTLY to you.

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Download the GetCurry app, click above or
Only the YOUR Restaurant will display.

Once we have added your takeaway menu - Customers in your area will ONLY SEE YOUR RESTAURANT (No other restaurants will display).


To see a sample website. Only your URL (domain name) will be displayed. Background colour can be changed or background image can be added. Or the whole menu can be inserted into your website inside an iFrame.

Simply ask your local comminity to order takeaway using Your Website or the GetCurry app and pay ZERO COMMISSION

£199 then £99 per year

Your online Takeaway Menu (for your website) and the GetCurry app will be ready in 48hrs.
Can upgrade to your own additional fully branded apps at any time.


How can I promote commission-free online and mobile sales?
Direct people to either your website. or the GetCurry app*. Use world of mouth, leaflets or better still, Facebook. We will supply a promotional graphic and Facebook will post to people in your local area for just £4 per 1000 posts. (* app can be upgraded to your own additional fully-branded app at any time).

Can I give customers Loyalty Points?
Yes. Customers get ‘Loyalty Points’. A fully automated system where the customer gets 1 point for every pound they spend (1 point = 2p). Customers get 150 points on first order (app or website). Loyalty Points can ONLY be redeemed on NEXT ORDER. A great way to encourage customers to order direct from you and for repeat business.

How does the GetCurry app work?
The GetCurry app will always display just YOUR Restaurant to people in or around your area. No other Restaurants. just YOUR Restaurant. It works in-sync with your online menu, so all orders (online or mobile) and table bookings arrive at the same point (the Management app, Admin Control Panel and by email to the Restaurant Manager). SMS (text) notifications can also be sent to Manager and Cusromers 

Can I use my own smart phone or tablet to view and print orders?
Yes. You can use your own phone or tablet and thermal printer to manage and print orders.

Can you supply a printer?
Yes. We can supply an all-in-one commercial grade Terminal/Printer to our members for just £299 (RRP £499). Or a separate tablet and either a 58mm or 80 mm thermal printer for around the same price, depending on spec.

Can I use this package as a stepping stone to my own fully branded app?
This package is fully upgradable to your own branded Apple and Android app (£399). Customer data is compatible from the GetCurry app to your own branded app. In fact, you would have both revenue sources, the GetCurry app and your own fully branded app. Your website will be another revenue source of course. All woking in-sync with each other and ALL COMMISSION FREE (0%)!

Is the takeaway menu website you supply secure?
Yes, Fully SSL secure. We will give you a file to upload to your website. This file will contain your complete online takeaway menu under YOUR domain name. Just link this page from your website’s ‘Menu’ buttons. The supplied menu is secure, so must be your website. You can get a SSL security certificate from your hosting company. Alternatively, you can link to your menu to our website in which case you do not need a SSL security certificate for your website.

Can customers pay using a debit/credit card or PayPal?
Yes,, Barclaycard and PayPal are integrated payment gateways. We will help you set things up (we have made it easy!).

Is the GetCurry system reliable?
Unlike our competitors, our system is a reliable work-horse with super-fast app menu loading.

Will you be marketing at all?
This package includes a free entry at restaurant finder website This website will be promoted as a whole in the near future. All orders via this website will also be commission free. The GetCurry app will only display YOUR restaurant to people in your area. The website will give you yet another revenue source and will always display your restaurant FIRST!

Are you sure we get all this for £199?
Yes. £199 for the first year (to include startup) and £99 per year thereafter. No commission to pay whatsoever and ALL payments go directly to you. 


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