Customers earn Loyalty Points, which means more NEW and REPEAT business for you!

For each £1 a customer spends, the customer gets one Loyalty Point. Each point is worth 2p.

Customers can only redeem Loyalty Points on their 'next' order - greatly increasing repeat business.

To encourage the use of your app Customers get 150 points on their First Order. (Giving them £3 discount on their next order). Customers also get 10 Loyalty Points (20p) if they post a good review for your Restaurant. 

Customers can see how may Loyalty Points they have on the app (and website). At checkout, they simply choose how many points to redeem.

Customers can redeem a maximum of 500 points in one go. Which is a £10 discount, but at this level they would have already spent £250 at your restaurant.

Loyalty Points are fully automated. No admin needed. Redeemed Loyalty Points appear on the GetCurry Terminal and printed receipt/order as a discount.

Other built-in Promotional Tools that you can use at any time:


You can add electronic vouchers that your customers can use when placing a mobile or web order.

Vouchers can be for a fixed amount (i.e. £25 Gift Voucher) or a percentage discount to be used once only for promotions or enticements.

Vouchers take the form of numbers or words of your choice (i.e 'promo26'). Customers would simply enter this code on checkout.

Expiry dates can be added. You can add as many Vouchers as you like (Remember, we do NOT charge commission)


Discount OFFERS as a percentage.

For example, 10% discount on COLLECTION orders over £25. Or 5% discount on DELIVERY orders over £35.

Anything you like - it's up to you - you can set or change your offers at anytime yourself. 

Offers are displayed on the front page of the app and the web menu. There are start and stop dates so you can have, for example,  Sunday to Thursday offers every week or constant with not stop date. Deliver, Pickup and even Dine-in offers.


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