Front of House - Management app

All GetCurry Members get to use the Management app. Branded app members get a all-in-one GetCurry Terminal. Restaurant Managers can print orders, change order status, confirm table bookings and assign delivery drivers, from either the supplied GrtCurry Terminal or their own Tablet and Thermal Printer. 

See at a glance:

New Orders
Orders for Today
Pending Orders
All Orders
Table Bookings

Driver App (For Drivers)

An invaluable tool for Restaurants who want to automate deliveries. Works in conjunction with the Terminal (above) and Driver Admin (below).


Drivers are alerted and each driver either accepts or declines the delivery task. Notification of which is sent to the Restaurant Manager's Terminal. Once a delivery task has been accepted by a driver, the other drivers cannot do so. If no driver accepts the task - the Restaurant Manager can assign any driver to make the delivery.

Customer is kept informed as to the delivery progress and can track the driver in real time (on your app) for convenience and increased security.


Driver Admin

A full Driver Admin System for your Transport Manager with real-time mapping and at-a-glance list of tasks to do and delivered tasks.

All drivers (who are using the GetCurry Driver app) will show on a real-time map. Managers can track progress of deliveries and see who is on/off duty. System ensures ALL delivery tasks are allocated to drivers or it warns Manager by Flashing Red.

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