Customers will use your app to place a takeaway order or book a table in just a few taps which means -  MORE BUSINESS FOR YOUR RESTAURANT.


With one-click repeat order - your app will become an invaluable aid to families or groups of friends ordering Takeaway.

Customers will be able to keep track of cost, check food items and of course accuracy of order is guaranteed. Customers can also SHARE your app with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for even more business for your Restaurant.

Customers in a hurry can place orders to Dine-In by choosing & paying in advance with a time of arrival at your Restaurant. (You can choose when to accept customer Dine-Ins. Weekdays, for example).

Your customers will get Loyally Points that they can redeem on their next order - greatly increasing repeat business. Customers can also re-order previous meals with a single tap.

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